Sizmek helps Nova Entertainment tackle ad blocking on mobile

Open ad management company Sizmek has entered a partnership with Nova Entertainment, an Australian entertainment firm, to help provide a solution to ad blocking on mobile devices. With over 80% of its total audience via mobile devices, Nova will be utilising a new advertising module to improve consumer experience and avoid ad blockers.
Sizmek mobile ad solution
David McGrath, Digital Commercial Operations Director, Nova, says:
david mcgrath

“We’re playing in a space where there have been ads in the past which the audience simply didn’t find a positive experience. The challenge is to try and work on something that actually feels like content in its own right.”

Nova will be first to utilise and bring Sizmek Butterfly position ads to market. This feature involves a floating icon to appear on the screen which then can be expanded to show advertiser information. The addition is non-intrusive to the end user. McGrath adds:

“It’s not good enough to simply put a display ad in the middle of content that someone is consuming and expect it to work. Mobile is the future and to be able to tell our stories from a content side, as well as commercial, is what we’re going to be about. So, we want to get on board and be at the front edge of what that means right now. In a commercial sense, the industry is slow to actually move from one format over to another format and I think the thing that has been lost in translation is the native functionality of the device. The way I’ve looked at adblocking is, if you get ads right they actually add to the experience. So, that’s where data, native functionality and the contextual relevance of the message comes into it.”

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