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Partner Post - Kimia Mobile Performance Marketing

Posted: April 14, 2016

Here is the followup post from last week advice on IP filtering, now we show you how to optimize your traffic based on segment filtering with Kimia.
So, if you read our previous IP advice, you might think, well, mobile tracking platforms also allow you to setup your own filtering rules that are based on IPs as well. Yes, it’s true, however their IP databases won’t be as specific as ours, because they don´t work with conversion data like we do.
And… Kimia isn´t only the best source for IP filtering, we also provide the best filtering tools for free to all our partners.
One of our top features is our “Custom Matrix”, where you can setup rules based on country, device and carrier on an extremely “user-friendly” interface.
Data filtering
Example of rules setup:

  • IF Spain AND Android AND Vodafone THEN -> Kimia´s internal Offer 1
  • IF Spain AND Android AND Movistar THEN -> 80% Kimia´s internal Offer 2 – 20% Kimia´s internal Offer 3
  • OTHER -> Any traffic arriving from a segment you have not specified will go straight to Kimia´s general algorithm, which will decide which is the best offer per segment within that “bulk traffic” etc.

As you can see in this “example”, we help you filter all traffic specifically, however if you send traffic “outside” the rules setup it will never get “lost”, we will always monetise it in “OTHER”, which is Kimias general algorithm.
What the “EXTERNAL LINK/FALLBACK” means is that, besides sending your traffic to our offers (which is obviously the goal for both sides), we also allow you to use your own offers, or even other affiliate networks offers, to monetise certain segments of traffic, if you feel these external offers will do better then Kimias offers. We don’t take any commission on this traffic. We just ask you to be considerate and if you are using this free tool, you could test Kimias offers on other segments because we truly have top eCPMs and believe that we will be more competitive than any other external offer. All our offers are tested before being uploaded and have their performance proven based on competitive eCPMs.
Basically, we offer a free full traffic routing service that will lead to better, optimised, targeting for our affiliates. Both through our offers and even, if its ever necessary (which is shouldn’t be) through external offers, as long as it helps our partners generate more revenue overall. This is the common goal!
We are also aware that this may be a more “in detail” approach then some of our partners want, as its for top optimization strategies, so we also provide a free tool called “Perfor-Matic”. This is a single campaign URL (adcode) which you can setup to send your bulk traffic (unfiltered/unsegmented traffic) and we do the all the segmenting and routing on our side based on the results given by the algorithm.
All these options are available in an “easy-to-use” platform, with an interface that allows you to view stats in real time (there are various filter options available for your convenience)
Whatever your traffic needs, Kimia assures you, we have a tool that will help you generate the most revenue out of every click.
If you want to learn more about our matrix click here:

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