Pinterest has some new features in store to attract shoppers

Pinterest, this week, made it even easier for its users to shop for the items they discover on the popular blogging site by rolling out various updates that seek to improve the shopping experience.

To start with, the company launched Product Pins which allow users to simply click through to a relevant shop page or store checkout. From there, it’s just a few more clicks to finish a purchase.

Product Pins can also include updated price and stock information. If the items is in stock, a shopping tag icon will be shown. They will replace the previous Buyable Pins.

Additionally, the company added a shopping recommendations page beneath its Style and Home Pins where users can search for items that may be similar to one they spotted on Pinterest.

To make shopping even easier, there’s now a simple shortcut on iOS in the US and soon coming to Android. Users can just hold down a Home or Style Pin and click a shopping tag to visit the feed for in-stock and related products from various brands.

The company has been gradually expanding its shopping features as a large number of its users now come to Pinterest for shopping inspiration. By integrating recommendations and simplifying purchase checkouts, it hopes to improve the shopping experience for its users.

Ever since it began testing shoppable features, clicks on products to retail sites have jumped 40%, according to Pinterest.

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