New Reveal Mobile patent shows that location-based mobile data is becoming more accurate

The more accurately a physical location for a mobile device can be determined, the more successfully a mobile ad campaign can be targeted to a specific user’s device.
Now, location-based mobile audience data company, Reveal Mobile, has been issued a US patent for a new technology that uses beacon proximity to find the location of a mobile device. At the same time, the new technology can predict where the device may appear next.
In addition, the new technology provides accurate feedback on adverts and information delivered as a result of proximity to a certain beacon by tracking click-through data from all mobile devices in range of the beacon.
Brian Handly, CEO of Reveal Mobile, explains that it has been a real challenge in mobile advertising to get an idea of where people actually visit in the physical world.

“Our patented beacon recognition technology addresses the need for creating highly accurate physical location identification of mobile devices.”

Advertisers will be able to tap into a device’s historical location data to find out more about locations users will be likely to visit, whilst also viewing dates and times that the device is likely to be at these locations.
With 40% of marketers concerned about the quality of their location data, according to the Mobile Marketing Association, and up to 70% of mobile user location data in the ad-tech ecosystem suffering from bad quality for sufficient targeting, the new patent could potentially offer a viable solution.

“We’re continuing to disrupt the marketing landscape,” Handly said. “Reveal Mobile’s technology not only predicts other locations that a device is likely to visit, but also significantly improves location data’s accuracy.”

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