New research finds that advertisers don’t have much time to capture mobile consumer attention

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Source Fairfax Media

Advertisers have just a few milliseconds to connect with their audiences. That’s according to new research from Fairfax Media using eye tracking technology.
The study, conducted by Gateway Research, demonstrated how readers on desktop and mobile devices behaved for creative and native content. Fairfax sought to highlight which content draws more attention.
Among the key findings it reveals that advertisers have just a few milliseconds to engage a consumer. Creative content has to be clear and simple and whilst size doesn’t matter, position placement does.
Flight Centre ads were used to demonstrate just how effective clear and simple messaging can be. Ads were placed on the Sydney Morning Herald website and candidates viewed the page whilst being scanned with an eye tracking device.
Brand discover articles were also found to have a 20x higher visibility rate than standard ads. Consumers spent 1.5 minutes with some of the top performing content, whilst the average engagement time was 50 seconds.
Fairfax also found that ad placements at the top of the page are more important than the size of an ad. Ads positioned in the middle to break-up a page received  a visual penetration of 86%.
Larger ad banners are three times more effective in gaining attention.
Tom Armstrong, commercial director, Fairfax Media, says:
tom armstrong

“This Eye Tracking Study provides definitive insights on our audience’s behaviour across our digital news mastheads and allows us to continue to evolve our ad solutions to deliver engaged audiences for our clients. This study provides our advertisers with insights about the most effective formats and placements, the value of native, and guidelines for creative to ensure brands create more effective experiences for audiences across our network.”

Advertisers can make good use of these insights to ensure that their campaigns are concise, creative, clear, but also feature brand logos more prominently to ensure instant brand engagement. Ads should be fast paced and optimised for digital media. Targeting remains a key feature for better engagement of a brand’s core audience.
Take a look at the video for more insights.

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