New Mobile Footprints technology to enable improved targeting for mobile device campaigns

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Carnegie Communications, the marketing and recruitment firm, has partnered with data management platform provider, Semcasting, to roll out a new Mobile Footprints technology that connects IPs to mobile devices and allows for improved targeting.
Mobile Footprints connects IPs to mobile devices
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The new tool is a combination of geofencing and mobile device targeting with IP targeting.
Mobile Footprints hope to enable marketers to drive the reach of their mobile ad campaigns from one user’s location to another one and offer some insight on the devices they engage with along the way.
Whilst both technologies have been around for quite some time, it’s their combination that makes Mobile Footprints an interesting option for more targeted mobile campaigns.
Mobile device targeting helps advertisers to reach audiences based on their location, but IP targeting uses a client’s audience list and IP addresses to deliver ads to any device connected to the IP.
Say you are targeting a high school. Mobile Footprints will identify the mobile devices that are active within that “fenced” location of the school. Coverage areas can be customized. Devices that are active within this geofence are the linked to the home IP address, which ultimately enables advertisers to extend their reach from school to home and from student to parent.
Joe Moore, CEO of Carnegie Communications, says:
joe moore

“We are thrilled to be pioneering this technology with Semcasting in the higher education space. Providing our clients expanded access to their most critical audiences is exciting. Mobile Footprints will have a definite impact on higher ed digital marketing.”

Whilst it sound complicated, Carnegie promises that it’s quite a simplistic technology – at least at the client end. Ray Kingman, CEO of Semcasting, adds:
ray kingman

“Carnegie Communications provided us with a unique level of insight and guidance to the higher education marketplace. Their domain expertise allowed our partnership to optimize Mobile Footprints technology so that it directly aligns with the dynamics of mobile and Internet usage in the higher education market.”

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