Native mobile ads are better at driving purchase intent

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. December 7, 2018

Native ads may be more effective in driving intent to purchase a product compared to other display ad types, according to findings by Verizon-owned advertising platform Oath.

According to a survey of 6,000 people in the UK, France and Germany, roughly a third (31%) of UK respondents said that native ads on mobile and desktop boosted purchase intent compared to 27% for banners.

A total 15% of all UK respondents said they would consider a purchase from an ad if the ad resembled content more closely.

The study also noted that brand advocacy was generally better for native (30%) compared to display (24%).

In addition, 26% of respondent preferred to advocate for brands using branded content to share a message.

Native formats also resulted in a more positive reaction among UK consumers driving a 10% rise in positive brand association.

Interestingly, reactions were also more positive when branded content was seen on mobile devices (28%) compared to display ads on mobile devices.

However, 83% of consumers now consider advertising to be more intrusive compared to 62% in 2014.