Mobile revenue at Rubicon Project jumps to more than 20% in less than two-years

Real-time programmatic ad exchange platform Rubicon Project says it has become one of the largest independent advertising automation solutions for mobile, calling its “two­-year initiative to automate the buying and selling of premium advertising inventory, at scale, across the mobile marketplace,” a success.
In 2013, mobile accounted for less than 3% of its total managed revenue, but by Q1 2015, this figure increased to more than 20%. Rubicon Project expects to make at least $200m in revenue for the period.
Rubicon shows mobile revenue has increased to more than 20% in less than two-years
The company says that 70% of its desktop clients from the top comScore 1000 sellers now work with it on mobile too. It has also seen considerable growth in mobile marketplace inventory availability, stating a 1900% increase in six months to more than 17,000 apps.
Joe Prusz, head of mobile at Rubicon Project, said:

“Today, Rubicon Project offers the largest independent advertising automation solution for buying and selling premium inventory on mobile. The infrastructure we have built provides brands, media buyers, content publishers and app developers what they want ­­ one cross­-platform solution that enables them to buy or sell any ad unit, on any platform, on any device, anywhere.”

He continued:

“Two years ago we recognized a significant opportunity existed on the mobile distribution channel for Rubicon Project. The infrastructure necessary to enable mobile ads to be bought and sold automatically – the same way they are on desktop – simply did not exist. Over the last two years, we have been tackling that complicated endeavor with a clear mission to scale the mobile market for automation for the entire industry.”

According to Forbes, for Q1 this year, Rubicon Project reported a 62% rise over 2013 to $37.2m in revenue, but says the company hasn’t reached profitability yet.

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