mMedia – the new self service mobile ad network from Millennial Media

Melissa Wong | October 23, 2012


mMedia is Millennial Media’s latest offering into the mobile advertising market, it is their first and so far only self-service solution to mobile advertising and is aimed at smaller developers, businesses and mobile marketers. Basically, mMedia offers a simple way for advertisers to run CPC (cost-per-click) advertising campaigns and provides a turnkey set of tools that developers can use to monetize and market their apps. mMedia is designed with smaller businesses and developers in mind, and it gives them access to the same high-quality mobile ad network that Millennial Media already runs, but on a self-service basis.
Millennial Media is a leading global independent mobile advertising platform company, which successfully listed on the NASDAQ in an IPO in 2012. Millennial operates one of the largest mobile ad networks in the world:

  • its client base includes 23 of the top 25 ‘Ad Age’ brands
  • it has provided solutions for leading mobile publishers like The New York Times Co and top app developers Rovia and Zynga Inc.
  • the Millennial platform reaches monthly uniques of 350m and currently has 7000 developers and 35k apps
  • Millennial is widely regarded as the independent leader in mobile advertising

This video provides a quick overview of Millennial Media:

mmDev revamped
If mMedia’s developer-focused solutions sound familiar to the more experienced developers amongst you, it’s because mMedia is a revamped and upgraded version of mmDev – Millenial’s former self-service developer portal.

mMedia is much more than a developer tool however, it’s likely to appeal to businesses and organisations who need a simple CPC mobile advertising solution just as much as it is to app developers and mobile site builders.

mMedia for advertisers
As far as powerful mobile advertising solutions go, mMedia ranks pretty high. It offers both experienced advertisers and businesses who are finding mobile advertising a bit of a minefield a relatively quick and easy way to create, launch, manage and monitor CPC mobile ad campaigns across all 30,000 of the apps and sites on the Millennial global ad platform. Most importantly mMedia also provides a wealth of targeting tools, such as a hyperlocal feature in which users can specifiy the region where their ads will appear, to ensure that ads reach the right audience.

mMedia for advertisers includes:

  • Simple 3-step process: Create an account, set up a campaign, start advertising
  • Offers full creative control, choice of uploading existing campaigns or developing new ones with a creative builder
  • Different targeting options including Geographic, by Operating System (Android, Windows, iOS etc) or by device
  • Extensive campaign management options including setting CPC bid price, daily budgets and insights and reporting

mMedia for developers
mMedia really seems to be focused on helping developers and mobile site builders grow and develop their businesses, both in terms of monetizing the apps that they have (or are in the process of developing) and the valuable advertising space that their online content offers. SDKs enable users to instantly incorporate banner, media and video ads into their apps and Millennial deliver some of the most competitive eCPMs and fill rates available.

mMedia for developers includes:

  • Monetize apps and mobile sites and earn higher eCPMs with interactive video, rich media and display adds
  • Run and manage mobile ad campaigns across the vast mMedia platform
  • Option to create and sell house ads, client campaigns and allocate third-party ad requests to AdMob and Jumptab
  • Device-specific SDKs for seamless integration

Key features of the mMedia platform
mMedia is basically providing smaller businesses and developers with the same high-quality solutions that Millennial provides to larger enterprises, so it’s a pretty comprehensive mobile advertising solution. Key features include:
Easy self-service campaign creation

  • budgeting options including total spend and daily spend
  • choice to run CPC or CPM campaigns
  • optional day parting for all campaigns
Conversion Tracking options

  • track conversions via apps registered with Millennial
  • track conversions via mobile web
  • full step-by-step instructions for implementation
Campaign Geo-targeting

  • run campaigns globally, by country or region
  • hyper-local targeting with choice of circle or polygon address radius (both can be customised)
  • easy point and click interfaces
Audience and device targeting

  • target devices by OS, connection type or carrier with different combinations
  • choose a combination of ages for campaign targeting
  • option to target campaigns by gender
Create and customise ad campaigns

  • upload existing ad campaigns (in supported file types)
  • create new ad campaigns with choice of action and ad size
  • store multiple campaigns in the mMedia creative gallery
A realistic mobile advertising solution for smaller enterprises?
mMedia certainly provides plenty of tools, options and support for both advertisers and developers, and as far as a self-service mobile ad network for smaller businesses and developers goes it pretty much covers all the bases. There’s plenty of substance underneath the glossy extras and all-in-one dashboards too, Millennial confirm that they “deliver the largest ad that each device can support” and follow the standards set by the Mobile Marketing Association of 6:1 aspect ratios (ads are resized automatically for iPad and other tablet touch screen devices). Millennial are also committed to delivering competitive eCPMs and fill rates to ensure that developers are genuinely able to monetize their apps and leverage their position in the mobile advertising marketplace.

All the usual suspects are supported by Millennial Media including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Brew and Java. Full SDKs can be downloaded from the mMedia website for both Apple and iPhone integration, and plenty of support and documentation is also accessible on the mMedia Wiki
What the mobile community makes of mMedia
The full version of mMedia was only released in Spring 2012, but it did spend quite a few months in private beta, and as yet we haven’t heard of any major flaws in the solution. Its launch was eagerly covered by Tech Crunch – confirming mMedia’s suitability for smaller advertisers – and Mobile Marketing Watch (who described the launch as “wowing” the mobile marketing community). It’s also ranking pretty high on generic ‘top ten mobile ad solution’-type websites and blogs.
A particularly enthusiastic mMedia user over at Banwork states that mMedia (along with Google) has:

“the best hyper local targeting options”

and that its interface is cheaper and:

“less restrictive than AdWords and is more comfortable for anyone that has run print or display ads.

Mobile Marketing Watch also say that:

“mMedia campaigns can be set up quickly, and advertisers will have access to a comprehensive dashboard that puts them in control of bids, creative, targeting and more.”

A simpler self-service solution for developers and advertisers
All in all, mMedia seems to be one of the better mobile advertising platforms and app monetizing solutions available. By providing self-service access to the vast Millennial mobile ad network, mMedia will find an appreciative user base in both developers and mobile advertisers of all experience levels. SMEs and organisations new to mobile advertising will be guided through the process of running their own CPC campaigns, and developers looking to monetize apps and sites will appreciate the fill rate, clicks, CTR and eCPM data that they can easily view in mMedia’s reporting dashboard.
You can find out more about mMedia for advertisers and developers over at the mMedia website.

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