Microsoft rumoured to be buying InMobi

microsoft inmobi
According to an unnamed source, Microsoft may be buying mobile advertising platform InMobi. The India-based company has apparently been in talks with Microsoft, one of its major clients. If rumours spill true, the deal could boost Microsoft to become a bigger player in the mobile ad world. The multinational tech company has fallen behind competitors Facebook, Google and Yahoo.
InMobi provides a mobile advertising and discovery platform
InMobi has also been in talks with Google and Yahoo about a deal last year. Prior to these discussions, a valuation of the company arrived at $2bn.
Microsoft declined to comment on the matter.
Arun Pattabhiraman, VP, Global Segment Marketing, InMobi, said:
arun kumar pattabhiraman

“All that I can say is that we speak to a lot of companies for strategic partnerships at different levels. It could be from the advertiser’s side, or it could be on the publisher’s side and therefore people might have come across some of these conversations and have taken it out of proportion thinking that we might be acquired or something of that sort. Microsoft as a company could be talking to us on multiple fronts; like they are trying to figure out how to expand their mobile presence, so we as a company who have grown in a mobile-first environment have a lot of insights to share with them.”

A separate source added:

“As of now we haven’t received any official email or announcement by our founders but it seems like talks with Microsoft are pretty serious and that would make a huge difference to the company and also the employees.”

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