Marketers waste a quarter of their budgets – video and social media ads are priorities in 2018

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 27, 2018

Marketers are fearing that around 26% of their budgets could be lost to poor strategic planning or incorrect channel selections, according to a new report by Rakuten Marketing, the ad tech company. The survey asked 1,000 respondents from the US, UK, France, Germany and APAC on their marketing strategies for 2018.
Globally, consumer expectations (50%) and loss of consumers (43%) are the top concerns for marketers.
The study found that 44% of US marketers stated proving the value of marketing as a threat in 2018. Another 42% consider having to establish a positive perception of marketing as a threat and 41% of US marketers found that managing consumer expectations and ensuring brand and safety was a threat factor in 2018.
In addition, many marketers are planning to shift budgets to focus on content, holiday periods and social media. For US marketers, for example, the focus is largely on video, with 68% seeing it as a priority this year, followed by written content (63%) and image-led content (58%).
The study found that social media investments are likely those to attract the largest share with Facebook investments reaching $124,000, followed by Instagram ($94k), Twitter ($74k) and Linkedin ($70k).
European and APAC marketers are particularly keen to expand their marketing strategies internationally in 2018, whilst 33% of US marketers considered an expansion to the UK an important goal.