ironSource launches additional tools for its mobile mediation platform

Anne Freier | September 15, 2016

Mobile Advertising

ironSource, the app monetization platform, just rolled out a major feature addition for its Mediation Platform adding so-called ‘User-level Analytics’, advanced ‘Frequency Capping,’ and ‘Delivery Pacing’ tools to its Ad Placement Technology. Essentially, that means developers will be able to view in-depth user ad engagement and make advanced placement and customization choices to improve engagement and retention.
ironSource launches new feature update
This release ultimately provides developers with a more comprehensive set of tools to understand and manage where, when and how often their users are engaging with in-app ads.
Adam Ben-David, VP of Supply Side Platform, ironSource, says:

“ironSource’s new Unique User Analytics allows developers to understand their audiences in a way they could not before. It provides insightful ad engagement and revenue data across all integrated apps and users to help properly identify which ad sources and placements are performing the best.”

For developers, it can be difficult to distinguish between advertising and IPA revenue performance due to performance data and user level data being unlinked.
However, the latest addition translates ad monetization metrics into engagement KPIs which developers can utilize to align to their marketing goals, viewing engagement and user retention data sets across revenue streams.
Among the key data provided are Revenue per Active User, Revenue per Engaged User, Impressions per Engaged User and Engagement Rate.
Ben-David adds:

“In addition to Unique User-level data, we launched Frequency Capping and Delivery Pacing controls to provide developers with more authority on an ad placement-level. This is the second phase of our placement feature, which will now enable more flexible management of configuration and testing of individual ad units. The latest controls will also provide engagement data for each ad placement, giving developers the ability to maximize impressions for individual ad units.”

New features include edit capping and pacing
ironSource’s mediation platform is being used by publishers including EA, GSN, Zynga, Big Fish, Crossy Road, Dots, and Kongregate.
Gil Shoham, CRO of ironSource, adds that the company continues its commitment to provide developers with more innovative app advertising tools and tap into advanced data features as part of this.

“The best, most sustainable monetization strategy takes user experience and engagement into account. Without those insights, developers are leaving money, and more importantly users, on the table.”

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