Intercom publicly launches its app store, entices developers with new tools

Sales and marketing platform Intercom has announced the launch of its public app store, where developers can build apps for private use, or for use by the 30,000 customers that use Intercom’s tools already.

The store has been available privately until now, and opens with 100 apps to download, which integrate with other systems from Slack to Product Hunt to increase productivity.

Intercom writes:

“The Intercom App Store is where you can learn about and install apps that make you and your customers more productive and grow more quickly. Anyone can now browse and search the full catalogue of apps to discover how Intercom can work seamlessly with the tools they already use.”

To attract developers, Intercom has refreshed its toolkit and now offers an updated dashboard, a forum, new documentation, and a free developer workspace. It claims some developers have built apps in less than a day.

Intercom recently overhauled its Messenger app, which is home to 500 million monthly conversations, and now has a new framework for building apps that are compatible with it. Intercom says this is the first time a business messenger to be built on an open platform, and 1,000 companies have already signed up for the beta to build apps.

Developers interested in building for Intercom can visit the company’s developer page here.