Instagram now lets users post to multiple accounts

Instagram has just launched a new feature that lets users with multiple accounts post to more than one account at the same time.

The addition will make it easier for businesses, marketers, retailers and brands to manage their accounts from a single dashboard, enhancing the user experience.

The feature is currently restricted to iOS only. Users with more than one account will see a “post to other accounts” prompt when they create a new post.

They are then able to select specific accounts to share to.

For those who have connected their Twitter accounts to Instagram, just be aware that Twitter blocked multiple identical posts in 2018 to decrease spam.

Whilst quick posting will come in handy for marketing teams managing multiple accounts for the same brand, it poses the danger of appearing spammy and less original to the end user.

Instead, it may be advisable to share similar posts across multiple accounts after they’ve been reworked a little.

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