Influencer marketing more effective than SEO and social for ROI

Anne Freier | May 7, 2019


As influencer marketing is poised to become a $5 to $10 billion industry in 2022, 84% of marketers consider influencer marketing to be an effective strategy.

According to a recent report by SocialPubli, the influencer marketing company, marketers tend to work with influencers predominantly for content promotion purposes, but also for product launches and brand events.

Influencer marketing was also voted as the top marketing strategy in terms of ROI (35.3%) compared to SEO (29.4%) and social ads (21.6%). However, marketers admit that a combination of influencer marketing with SEO and social ads makes for the most effective strategy.

The main objectives for using influencers include increasing brand awareness (26%), driving engagement (16.7%), reaching new target audiences (13.3%) and generating authentic content (11.3%).

Similarly, the top benefits of using influencers as part of the marketing mix include reaching a target audience (34.7%), building trust (34.7%) and boosting content engagement (14.3%).

The results of the survey also highlight a myriad of challenges marketers face when employing influencer marketing tactics. These include measuring ROI (27.9%), verifying influencer and follower authenticity (21.2%) and finding relevant influencers for a brand (16.3%).

Although nano and micro-influencers are gaining interest rapidly, the majority of marketers still consider mid-sized influencers (10,000-100,o00 followers) to have the most impact.

Among the top factors when choosing influencers are engagement rates (29.2%), content quality (23%) and reach (21.2%).

As previously shown, Instagram dominates as the top platform for influencer campaigns (66.7%), followed by Facebook (12.5%).

For the future, 35% of marketers believe that micro-influencers will become a top trend. Another 30% believe that artificial intelligence could become a dominant strategy and 15% believe live video to be important in the future.

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