How To Get Started With Mobile Affiliate Marketing

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Posted: October 31, 2016

Ryan Gray is the current Founder & CEO of RevMax Marketing, Inc. Working online since 1998, Ryan has developed seven different successful Internet Start-ups and is considered an expert in mobile media buying. Ryan is also the co-founder behind the iMobiTrax tracking platform and previously the IMGrind Discussion Forum and Revived Media User Acquisition Network.

While mobile and web affiliate marketing have many similarities there are a number of critical differences that must be recognized to be successful.
This includes different conversion flows, size of a user’s screen, network operator, and operating system of the device.
Mobile Conversion Flows
With traditional web and desktop affiliate marketing offers usually convert when a successful sale takes place or lead generated.
Since a website or landing page displays pretty much the same across different computers, the goal of the affiliate is to make the sale through engaging their audience and targeting them accordingly.
With mobile affiliate marketing, offers convert when a user completes a successful subscription or installs an application. Most mobile offers have optimized their conversion flows to be a much simpler process since the user may only be engaged in their browsing session for a limited amount of time.
Most common types of mobile conversion flows include: click flow subscription billing, Click2SMS, PIN submits, lead generation, and application install.
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Screen Size Makes A Big Difference
Mobile devices come in a number of different shapes and sizes that can have a big affect on your campaign. For example, someone using a big Samsung Galaxy device is going to view a landing page much differently than someone using a lower-end device such as a feature phone.
Apple iPhone users also view pages differently as they could be behind one of the larger screens such as the iPhone 7+.
When promoting offers and developing landing pages, it’s very important to research your target market to get an idea of the most popular devices in the geo.
Network Operators
Some offers convert differently depending on the network operator of the end-user. For example, some operators are integrated directly with payment providers giving the user the ability to click to subscribe.
Other operators (or Wifi) may require the user to manually enter their phone number and even confirm a PIN code to subscribe (PIN submit).
The advantage to users on Wifi is their network speed is sometime better allowing you to use landing pages with more images or other rich media.
Operating System
Finally, it’s important to pay attention to the operating system of a device. Many times, mobile offers will only be available to Android or iOS devices such as app installs.
In some markets low-end feature phones are still used, therefore requiring very basic, image-light landing pages to ensure a successful viewing experience.
Most mobile affiliate marketers that enter the industry with a “web” mindset where they aren’t familiar with these differences find it frustrating to optimize and scale profitable campaigns.  When getting started, make sure you recognize these variables and develop your campaigns accordingly!