Frictionless content experiences with First Feed – Interview with Greg Wester from Mobile Posse

Anne Freier | February 26, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Posse, the platform for creating frictionless content experiences on smartphones, is creating more significant ad revenue streams for mobile carriers by eliminating the unnecessary steps smartphone users have to undergo to find and enjoy content through device-centric solutions. We’ve spoken to SVP of Marketing & Business Development at Mobile Posse, Greg Wester, to find out more.

  1. What does Mobile Posse mean by “frictionless” content experiences on mobile?

“Frictionless” content experiences aspire to give users content “at their fingertips.” It may seem trivial, but today, the types, taps, swipes, and waits that fill our content discovery process slows us down. While this may seem like small increments of time, consider 2 things:
1) The mobile median session is only 30 seconds long.
2) Half the time people unlock their phone, they don’t know what they want.
Even when we only have a few moments to spare to keep us on the go, the simpler it is for us to find something to inform or entertain us, the better. By combining new interfaces with predictive AI technology, finding the content subscribers we want and love can happen faster and easier than ever before.

  1. Where do you think content discovery and consumption on smartphones are heading in the next five years?

The ultimate goal is frictionless media experiences. Smartphones are already using AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to transform the age-old smartphone experience into something that services us better.
An example of this is unlocking your phone and getting directions to your parked car and/or learning how long it will take you to get home. With our smartphones now expected to fill our time, expect reinvented interfaces to change the way we discover and consume content. Many of these changes are already happening; consider how Apple has changed its interface to keep us one swipe away from the news we love.
Content discovery will continue to evolve to make customer engagement better, searching easier, discovery faster, curation more appealing, and accessibility ubiquitous. Specifically, here are 4 changes we see coming in the near future:

  • The ‘unlock experience’ will change to something intelligent and dynamic, understanding the user journey, and delivering what users want immediately.
  • The bounce rate on smartphones (the percent of time we immediately dismiss the first screen we see) will plummet.
  • Content engagement will be more snackable – longer than the short text of a push notification, but less than a full article or editorial.
  • Finally, the number of taps, types, swipes, and waits that litter our mobile journey will be almost eliminated.
  1. How does First Feed help change the consumer experience and what’s in it for advertisers?

Our First Feed™ platform is designed to understand the mobile journey and intersect it with interesting content, no matter where their content discovery process starts. The goal is always fast, easy access to content, and First Feed™ has 3 solutions to deliver it to you:
1) An agent that proactively delivers content right on unlock.
2) A convenient destination that is simply one swipe away from your home screen.
3) A recommendation portal when you open up a new web browser.
This means that no matter where or how the content discovery process starts, the consumer will have access to it quickly and easily.
Our research shows that being first in the mobile journey can provide advertisers with RPMs of 2-3x that of placements in other mobile social or mobile web. The reasoning behind this is simple – capturing the attention of an idle mind or a mind actively looking for something to engage in is a whole lot easier than capturing the attention of someone who has already decided to go in another direction.

  1. How are you addressing ad fraud and rogue ads?

Mobile Posse has taken an aggressive approach to stopping ad fraud and rogue ads resulting in rogue ad detection that is 10,000x better than the industry average. We have 3 layers of protection that are designed to keep the minds of both brands and advertisers at ease:

  • Proprietary Protection – We don’t settle for the industry standard. Instead, we have created a proprietary ad server process to ensure brand safety.
  • Best-In-Class Detection – Optical character recognition, live environment screening, large sample sizes, and downstream link scanning ensure that the rogue ad risk, along with rogue content, is minimized from all angles.
  • Fastest Resolution – No process is foolproof, but with a self-healing process combined with 24/7 ad server operations, we can resolve the rare bad ad that slips through the cracks in a matter of hours, as compared to the days that the industry standard processes might allow it to linger.

As our key customers are carriers and OEMs, brand safety is of the utmost importance. A bad rogue ad experience might cause the subscriber to lose some faith in the carrier or device they are using even though it likely has nothing to do with either. That’s why we’ve created a multi-layered, relentless approach to ad fraud and rogue ads prevention.

  1. What are Mobile Posse’s plans for 2018?

There have been numerous trends that have shaped 2018 already. For example, carriers have begun moving toward digital transformation and better enabling the mix of wireless and entertainment. Additionally, people are becoming more aware of the “fake news” and “ad fraud” risk on social media and other platforms. This creates a tremendous opportunity for carriers to take advantage, not only to get a needed revenue stream, but also to provide a consumer engagement opportunity that their subscribers will enjoy and trust. Mobile Posse’s suite of solutions is here to help them hasten that transition and subscriber engagement.

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