Female mobile game players are 36% more valuable than male players

Andy Boxall

In App Business. December 15, 2017

Women are more valuable mobile games players than men, according to data from DeltaDNA, where figures it’s shown they spend more money on in-app purchases and games. Interestingly, the data takes into account gender split against game genre too.

The total value of a female player is $1.57, according to DeltaDNA’s research, compared to $1.09 for males. It’s stated 4.5% of female players spend money on games, but only 3.3% of men do the same. Female mobile game players are 36% more valuable than males.

The Puzzle game genre is the runaway success for female players, with 74% favoring them over other categories. Casino titles are an almost 50/50 split between female and male players, while males hugely prefer Action and Strategy games.

DeltaDNA writes:

“It is clear that women have a strong preference for puzzle games, while men prefer strategy and action games. Casino games are near gender neutral. This has powerful implications for mobile game publishers – a female-focused game simply has a much greater chance of being profitable than a male-focused one. Given that women tend to like puzzle and casino games that are also much less expensive to produce and maintain the economics of making male-focused action and strategy games are hard to justify.”