Exponential Interactive launches new interactive video ad solution

Exponential Interactive, the ad intelligence services provider, has launched a new video advertising solution for the Asia-Pacific market which promises better audience reach for brands. The VDX Connect solution provides interactive video messaging across a variety of formats including expandable formats on mobile and desktop. In-stream video campaigns can be optimised to specific advertising goals.

“We know from talking to our clients in Asia Pacific that there is an appetite in the market for accountable video advertising solutions. VDX Connect addresses this by offering marketers a performance driven solution at scale that is tied to verified performance metrics,” explained Tyler Greer, Director of global sales strategy at Exponential Interactive.

The solution bolsters an image gallery, menus as well as dynamic maps to help marketers create a more interactive video advertising experience.

The pricing model is based on cost-per-view with cost-per-action performance adjustment. It counts in-view times of 5 seconds on mobile, 10 seconds on desktop, and 15 seconds for in-stream.

According to research by the CMO Council and Viral Gains, just 27% of marketers accept direct sales as a success metric for video advertising. At the same time, 78% of respondents believe that the success of a CMO is tied to sales increases, highlighting the discrepancy in traditional metrics used for ad success.

“The great news for marketers is that VDX Connect can be used to reach customers across the entire marketing funnel and takes viewability and reach to new levels,” Greer added.