Black6Adv Mobile Advertising Network Helps You to Deal with Online Mobile Globalization

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Posted: July 26, 2016

From local to global trades. This is the tendency that characterized online advertising markets in the last decades. Understanding and facing the problems of global trade, we stepped back and analyzed the markets we were working in.
We created a unique ad platform that will permit every publisher, developer and advertiser to work with an easy to use tool, becoming part of a global advertising network.
Black6Adv mobile advertising network
Being everywhere, finding and reaching a global audience, is facilitated by geo targetization. This feature offers the possibility to create worldwide campaigns, or more defined ones, choosing a specific country. So, for example, an italian advertiser can easily create an advertising campaign for China, one for Austria, and another for Brasil.
Publishers can, instead, take advantage of geo localization checking the country where their traffic have been sent through the advanced real time statistics area.
Furthermore, Black6adv has been created with an intuitive interface to facilitate all actions inside of it and it has been completely translated in 13 different languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian, Serbian and Arabic) with the aspiration to add new ones.
This function will help every user inside the platform to get the most out of his business, allowing them to work with a complete self-service ad platform using their own native language, without having troubles or language misunderstandings.
Try Black6adv Advertising Platform, you just have to register and choose your language.

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