Mobrain by Headway Allies with FraudScore to Offer the Best Fraud Detection Tool in the Market

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Partner Post - MoBrain by Headway Take control of your Mobile Marketing Campaign!

Posted: January 26, 2017

Mobrain by Headway and FraudScore (ex ClearFlow) have established a strategic partnership to create synergies with each other’s strengths and deliver unprecedented fraud detection capabilities. FraudScore has one of the greatest fraud detection teams. Headway has access to 99% of available traffic in every country. By collaborating, FraudScore can apply its expertise to Headway’s extensive global network in order to continuously improve its algorithms and fraud detection abilities. Together, they will deliver an unprecedented, precise fraud detection system.
Headway is the leading data-driven media buying company for marketers working for over 500 top global brands around the globe. Mobrain Genius by Headway is the number one in-house prevention and detection tool in the market. It utilizes a proprietary algorithm to analyze large sets of data, and detect patterns to identify and prevent suspicious activity from reaching its clients’ ad campaigns.

“This partnership will give Headway’s clients not only the ability to detect but also to prevent fraud in real time, not allowing the fake installs to happen”, assures Luis Barrague, COO and leader of the product team at Headway.

FraudScore analyzes mobile traffic to detect any type of fraudulent activity and report it in real-time to its customers.  They have already analyzed millions of conversions and realized that the volume of fraud in mobile is growing very fast, which demonstrates its ever increasing need to prevent it.  FraudScore detects fake conversions by analyzing various data points and patterns related to IP address, user device and source of traffic. It ensures that the client has all the tools to spot suspicious activity and only pay for clean and real traffic coming to their app; exactly what all customers want.
On top of that FraudScore’s customer support is always there to provide valuable insights into the data and to assist in investigating issues with low quality traffic, giving their conclusion as an independent expert.

“We are happy to join forces with Headway and bring mobile fraud detection to a new level. Our teams have been actively working during past months to integrate FraudScore’s solution into Mobrain Genius by Headway. Now with our anti-fraud algorithms in place Headway can deliver better quality of traffic to their customers and simply save more money by not paying for fraud.” Dmitry Isakov, CEO at FraudScore

This partnership along with Headway’s technology and talented team of professionals helps place Headway at the top of list of trustful Mobile Ad tech companies. This alliance will strengthen both companies value proposition helping their clients reach even higher returns of investments.