AdsOptimal launches virtual reality platform for mobile web and apps

AdsOptimal, the mobile ad network based in San Fransisco, recently launched its 3DX Virtual Reality advertising platform. The solution offers a 360° experience that users can view on mobile web, apps and other platforms. When a VR ad pops up, consumers can engage with it by looking around or inside a product using their fingertip. Ads can be flipped into 2d and 3D mode. They work with VR headsets, Oculus VR, Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.
AdsOptimal launches 3DX virtual reality ads
The feature makes AdsOptimal one of the first companies to bring VR to mainstream marketers. The company believes that audiences are generally unwilling to download specialist apps to view VR content and it may have a point. An ad banner with a 10% CTR has an install rate of 1% or less, statistically. In addition, not many people currently own VR devices.
However, the technology is taking hold of the publishing and advertising industry rapidly. Recently, the New York Times announced a collaboration with Google Cardboard to launch an app and VR content.

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