Adsmovil partners with Moat to expand viewability for mobile advertising campaigns

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Moat, the SaaS analytics company that makes products for brand advertisers and publishers, has partnered with Adsmovil, the mobile advertising company for the US Hispanic market, to bring viewability to Adsmovil’s inventory and measure mobile attention metrics.
Moat provides video and other mobile advertising analytics
Marketers who want to reach Hispanic Americans in the US on their mobile devices can more easily measure the viewability of their ads and account for invalid traffic. This offers some significant control over advertising quality for Adsmovil partners and ultimately delivers better results for clients.
Alberto Pardo, CEO, Adsmovil, explains:
alberto pardo

“Moat shows advertisers the quality of our network. It confirms that the ads we run are being seen. We’re very excited to integrate with Moat.”

At a time when publishers work hard to improve their ad viewability, the partnership may be just what Admovil’s clients are looking for.

Jonah Goodhart, CEO and Co-Founder, Moat, adds:

jonah goodhart

“As audiences spend more time on their mobile devices, advertisers want to be certain that people are seeing and paying attention their mobile ads. As we move to a world where ‘human and viewable’ is the new baseline, proactive companies like Adsmovil are well positioned to succeed.”

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