Top 5 App Store Optimization Videos On Youtube

George Osborn

In resources

April 21, 2016


App Store Optimisation (ASO) has come of age quickly. From relatively fringe activity a few years ago, it is now a cast iron best practice for mobile marketers across the board.

How then can you bolster your optimisation efforts and ensure you’re keeping up with the competition? Here are out top five videos about all things ASO to help you make the most of this valuable tactic.

Driving mobile growth through App Store Optimisation

Need a starting point for your ASO education? Moritz Daan, now of Phiture, provided it back in his days at SoundCloud. This video will help provide a basic grounding in what ASO is and explain with the help of clear examples who it can be used to the advantage of your business.

App Store ratings: the good, the bad and the ugly 

Great App Store ratings are important for your app because they prove your app is quality and they help you to rank higher in most stores. But how do you make sure your reviews are sparling? Thomas Petit, Growth Team Member at 8fit, examines the best, and the worst, practices for improving your app reviews.

Sexing up your app description, keywords and promotion 

Assets such as your app description, keywords on the store and screenshots will help people to find your app and download it. But how can you make them stand out? Tom LeClerc from Wooga outlines how, giving his advice on sexing up these all important assets.

App Store Optimization: Expert Panel

I was lucky enough to moderate a panel all about app store optimization at the App Promotion Summit Berlin back in 2014, which is packed with insight. Featuring panellists from Hopster TV, Tune, Wooga, and KptnCook, there are some interesting nuggets in here for anyone looking to go a little deeper into the ASO arts.

How App Store optimization increased downloads by 700%

Often, ASO will only make a small difference to the success of an app. However, if you go from doing nothing to doing a lot with it, you can see a big jump in results. Gaston Irigoyen of Guidecentral showed this in spectacular style with this case study, which showed how his app received a 700% jump in installs after it was optimized properly.