Speed matters: majority of app user expect apps to load in three seconds

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

December 13, 2017

A majority of app users (71%) expect apps to load within just three seconds with 63% abandoning an app that takes longer than five seconds to load. That’s according to new research from PacketZoom, the in-app mobile networking technology provider.
Based on a survey of 2,000 consumers in the US aged 18 years or older during November 2017, the study found that 66% of consumers also consider reliable mobile app performance to be very important and second only to app security.

Time within mobile apps is now mostly spent at home using WiFi networks (67%). However, 86% of users also reported mobile app performance issues across WiFi networks over the last six months.
When experiencing poor network performance, 44% of respondents said they close the app. Meanwhile, over a third (34%) said they would be less likely to use the app again and 32% even uninstall the app altogether.

The reverse is true for fast performing and reliable apps, with 55% of users likely to use such an app again. Another 33% are more inclined to use it for longer and 29% would prefer it over a more competitive app.
Shlomi Gian, CEO of PacketZoom explains:

“Based on these findings it looks like mobile app performance is still a significant issue. The study found direct correlation between mobile app performance and the brand perception. Consumers express impatience when it comes to poor performing mobile apps.”