In just 90 days Fortnite has earned $100m in revenue on iOS alone

Andy Boxall

In App Business

June 22, 2018

In just 90 days, Fortnite players have spent $100m in the smash hit game worldwide, and on Apple’s iOS platform alone. This has seen the game take the second spot in the top grossing mobile action game chart, according to Sensor Tower’s data.

In the same amount of time, Tencent’s Honor of Kings earned $33m, while NetEase’s Knives Out took $23m. Fortnite hasn’t managed to take the top spot away from Clash Royale, which eclipsed its total by racking up $154m in revenue.

Fortnite’s race to $100m compared to the competition

Looking at Fortnite’s success from a different perspective, Sensor Tower examined the amount of time it took these top four grossing games to reach the $100m mark. Clash Royale rocketed to $100m in just 51 days, but Knives Out took 173 days, and Honor of Kings 179 days.

Sensor Tower writes:

“We see Fortnite growing its momentum on mobile, and there are no indications of it slowing there—or anywhere else—as it continues its reign as the world’s most popular game.”