YouTube posts $15 billion in ad revenues during Q4 2019

Anne Freier | February 5, 2020

App Business

Google generated $134.8 billion in advertising revenues during Q4 2019, according to its latest earnings release.

The company’s popular video platform YouTube contributed $15 billion during the quarter.

Overall, Alphabet announced total revenues of $162 billion. However, it came in slightly below expectations ($46.07 billion versus $46.94 billion).

Nevertheless, it’s a significant win for Google. The latest results demonstrate that the Internet giant is a clear leader in terms of ad revenue which was twice as high as that of Facebook.

Meanwhile, emerging competitor Amazon just recently announced ad revenues of $14.1 billion for 2019.

“This is something investors have been looking for, but the information should also give advertisers valuable information about the importance of YouTube as a digital ad vehicle,” said eMarketer analyst Nicole Perrin. “YouTube is growing strongly according to this report, and revenues are above where eMarketer had thought they were. According to our October 2019 forecast, YouTube’s global ad revenue was expected to grow nearly 20% to $11.38 billion by the end of 2019.”

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