YouAppi upgrades mobile ad platform with new ad units and fraud prevention features

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. August 2, 2018

YouAppi , the mobile marketing company, has just upgraded its 360 Platform to cater for increased programmatic demand. The company’s platform was launched in 2017 and is currently being used by 500+ brands globally to help with key areas such as user acquisition, video ads, rewarded video, playable and interactive ads, re-engagement and social media.

The upgrade also included the addition of ad units and advanced fraud prevention measures.

Moshe Vaknin, the CEO of YouAppi, explained that global privacy laws were making it necessary for brands to create genuine relationships with consumers.

“This is why we’ve been laser-focused on providing the latest technological advancements and capabilities through our 360 Platform, to ensure marketers can be both agile and effective in today’s ever-changing mobile landscape,” he said.

Programmatic demand will be bolstered by YouAppi’s SDK. In addition, the upgrade includes a partnership with Moat, the ad analytics company, to ensure enhanced ad viewability.

For a full list of updates check out this press release.