Why Should You Get an Ad Network: Making the Case for Owning an AdServer

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Partner Post - Dejavu Technology White Label Advertising Server

Posted: November 16, 2016

Why should I get my own AdServer? I mean, I can just register inside one of the many advertising networks in the market and work with them. Take a percentage on the traffic I send them and let them deal with advertisers. Or, as advertiser, I can buy traffic, deciding the provenience and the kind of ad campaigns I wanna make, and the intermediary will find me the perfect match, getting the conversions I expected.
Of course leave the “hard work” to intermediary is easier, and it feels good that someone else is taking care of your business, trying to find the best trade solution for you.
Wouldn’t be nice to decide? To create something and see it grow?
Advertising platforms are the best solution to create and increase your online traffic trade.
Managing ad server ad campaigns

In particular, White Label by Dejavu Technology Ltd offers you the possibility to manage in complete autonomy, with a self-service intuitive machine, all kind of web traffic: display, mobile and In App.
Analyzing the market and customers needs, we can see that there are many reasons to make the decision to start your own business:

  1. Be the boss! Decide everything; from the layout to the features, from the publisher revenue to the advertisers costs.
  2. Gain autonomy. You won’t have to start endless (and sometimes useless) conversations with commercial intermediary. You will be the only one deciding the price and the kind of traffic you want inside your online advertising network.
  3. Cooperation is the key. Look for new partners. Ask publishers and advertisers to become part of your network and build and empire.
  4. Act global. Yes, I know, in the online market local cannot be so fruitions. Beside, this is a classic marketing sentence. But it’s the truth. You can gain local trust and become their advertising network of reference and, the same time, get more and more global clients to grow together.
  5. Decide the best. You will have the possibility to decide the best solution for your business.

Give it a try and ask for your personal 15 days free trial to test a complete self-service advertising server that will help you grow your online advertising network.

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