WhatsApp will let businesses showcase products

At Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, the company unveiled a range of improvements and additions to its flagship products.

Among them, CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the WhatsApp Business Catalog, which lets smaller businesses showcase products to users on WhatsApp.

Users must already be interacting with a brand or company for it to be able to promote a catalogue or products.

Facebook has been busy expanding its features for WhatsApp which now also include quick replies so that companies can answer customer queries more rapidly.

Although full details have yet to be announced, it appears that businesses will be able to upload product images and descriptions. It’s not clear if they will also be able to sell a product directly through the app.

WhatsApp currently has 1.5 billion users globally. The introduction of Business Catalogs could be a boon for smaller businesses which are finding it difficult to cut through on Facebook or Instagram.