Vice Media wants to focus on mobile marketing with in-house native ad team

Vice Media has just announced a series of distribution deals with groups across Africa, Asia and the Middle East to drive the company’s global expansion and dip its toes deeper into TV. The latest addition of partnerships expands Vice’s reach to 55 territories. According to Chief Executive, Shane Smith, Vice Media also plans on establishing an in-house native advertising team to monetise more on mobile marketing.
Vice Media looking into mobile monetisation
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For Vice, mobile hasn’t been quite that easy and so far it has focused on expanding its ad options for TV instead. This has been successful across its 24-hour TV channel Viceland and now the company wants to expand its options for mobile.
Shane Smith says:
shane smith

“People are watching these promos because its actual content they want so see. And that’s been really encouraging to see with the success of Vice Labs and how we ported that from TV to mobile and online. In a way it’s a derivative of the native which we developed online and how we’re seeing what works because the two things are different. We’re trying to get a mobile lab [to create our mobile ads] because mobile monetisation, unless you’re Facebook, is very difficult and our biggest challenge right now is to figure out if the native [content] can work on mobile, which includes with the carriers.”

 Vice also sees an opportunity through licensing mobile content to carriers as well as selling TV rights worldwide and monetising through its own platform. Smith adds:

“What a lot of people don’t realise about content is that with all the sub fees and the license fees that there’s a tremendous amount of revenue you can bring in if its good.”

Among others, Vice has partnered with Times Group of India to roll out mobile and television content in the country.
Vineet Jain, Managing Director, Times Group of India, said:

“[Vice has brought] a certain edginess and boldness [to the Indian market and will] capture the attention of millennials.”

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