UberMedia launches Location Visit Optimization to boost mobile ad campaigns

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UberMedia, the cross-screen mobile advertising platform, recently announced the launch of Location Visit Optimization (LVO) to help marketers improve their mobile ad campaigns by adjusting real-world customer location visits. The company claims that LVO can increase location visits by up to 300%.
UberMedia LVO boosts customer location visits
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Source: businesswire.com
UberMedia’s LVO combines real-time and real-life data of people’s actual location in a single mobile-machine learning system, which enables advertisers to optimise campaigns by real location visits, driving foot traffic for brands. The tool comes integrated into the company’s Place Context Learning System which configures the location of a customer and makes decisions to deploy an ad based on that data. Driving actual foot traffic to a business, e.g. a fast food restaurant, represents great ROI for a brand’s ad campaign.
Bill Gross, Founder and CEO, UberMedia and Idealab, says:

“Although mobile advertising has come a long way, marketers still struggle to link their sales data to their campaign in real-time. LVO changes all that by allowing marketers to optimize on what matters most – real-time, real-world location visits. This method represents the next phase of mobile advertising, and has already proven to dramatically increase marketing results for automotive, fast food and hospitality brands.”

Companies which are currently using LVO include restaurants, automotive dealers as well as accommodation chains. According to UberMedia, clients who tested the tool increased location visits by more than double.
Indeed, location-targeted advertising has helped local businesses boost sales. Research from LSAInsight discovered that geo-fencing as well as geo-targeting led to a two-time improvement in CTR, whilst general DMA/Zip Code targeting resulted in a 50% improvement.
Location targeted mobile advertising improves an ad’s performance by up to two times
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Source: lsainsights.com

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