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Jamie Giggs | January 29, 2015

App Marketing

The Twitter marketing platform features a series of certified partners whose tools help app marketers and app developers engage with users in conjunction with Twitter ads. A section of these Twitter partners are specifically called ‘mobile measurement partners’.
Mobile measurement partners allow app marketers and app developers to track their mobile Twitter campaigns. Platforms such as AppsFlyer enable them to measure the response to Twitter adsOther partners such as Fiksu Tracking measure Twitter campaigns through the use of granular tracking and attribution, with the ability of having the data visualised through a real-time dashboard.
The importance of having a mobile measurement partner to stay ahead of the game goes without saying. App developers need mobile measurement partners to constantly adapt their marketing strategy on the Twitter platform. These tracking platforms allow them to see what’s working and what’s not – it’s an extra tool that’s vital to an app developer’s arsenal.
When it comes down to choosing which partner to go for, factors such as the pricing and specific features each of them offer are the most important things to consider. Some even have free trials that allow app marketers to get a taste of what’s available. It’s worth taking the time to research more than one, finding out what the advantages and disadvantages are for several mobile measurement partners.
We thought it would be useful to assemble a list of Twitter’s mobile measurement partners and put them all into one place. From AD-X Tracking to MobileAppTracking, our list should help out app developers, app marketers and anyone else interested in using Twitter’s platform to market their mobile app.
The full list:

AD-X Tracking
AD-X Tracking is a Twitter partner who offers mobile tracking and real-time ad campaign optimisation tools across over 500 ad sources. The features AD-X Tracking provide to app marketers are all found in a single interface for ease of use. In addition to this clients can view their downloads, engagement, daily active users, lifetime value and more via data reporting. Post-click and post-download analysis is also available.
AD-X Tracking Mobile Measurement Features:
Pricing: Flat-fee based upon number of apps and service level
Features: Dedicated account management, real-time reports, global coverage

adjust is a mobile app tracking and analytics company on the Twitter platform that provides app businesses with a business intelligence platform. adjust displays a client’s metrics on their dashboard, offering key insights into in-app behaviour to reveal a campaign’s best marketing sources. Cohort analysis and post-install deep linking are also available.
adjust Mobile Measurement Features:
Pricing: Monthly license fee which is based on attributions
Features: Open source SDK’s, offline tracking, support of pre-installed apps

Party Track
Party Track
Party Track is a user acquisition analytics tool that helps app and game developers discover where their most valuable players are to be found. The company allows mobile game developers to compare all of their user acquisition channels so they can optimise and scale their campaign budget. Party Track is a global platform with currency exchange and time differences automatically calculated for clients.
PartyTrack Mobile Measurement Features:
Pricing: Monthly subscription, with discounts based on volume, free trials
Features: Re-targeting, single SDK, re-engagement

CyberZ Logo
CyberZ, based in Tokyo and San Francisco, offers their own measurement solution ‘F.O.X’ (Force Operation X) on the Twitter platform that is implemented in over 3000 apps on a global basis. Although they offer global services, CyberZ can also promote a client’s app in the Asian market, especially in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan. Localisation is taken care of and clients can maximize their user acquisition.
CyberZ Mobile Measurement Features:
Pricing: Monthly subscription plus volume
Features: Data reporting, Force Operation X, tracking

Fiksu Tracking
fiksu logo CMYK
Fiksu Tracking helps with app marketers’ Twitter campaigns through the use of granular tracking and attribution. In addition to this, Fiksu enables app developers to track their campaign progress and have it visualised through a real-time interactive dashboard. Fiksu Tracking measures initial ad impressions and the lifetime value of each user, along with ad clicks, purchases, installs, user retention and more.
Fiksu Mobile Measurement Features:
Pricing: Percentage of media spend, flat fee
Features: Real-time interactive dashboard, Single SDK, trend visualisation function

Grab Analytics
Grab Analytics offers mobile app conversion tracking and real-time in-app analytics in a single self-serve platform that measures app marketers’ Twitter campaigns. Data visualisation is available to allow app developers to see the whole user journey, from the app install to a user’s lifetime value. Custom events can also be tracked with cohorts that are specific to an app.
Grab Analytics Mobile Measurement Features:
Pricing: Transactional based upon number of installs and in-app events
Features: Self-serve platform, real time in-app analytics, data visualisation

Kochava offers app marketers and developers a single tool that analyses and optimises the effectiveness of Twitter campaigns in real-time. Kochava measures user engagements, from impressions to post-install events. Segmentation is available for app marketers who want to manage their mobile ad spend. In addition to this, dedicated technical account managers provide support to their clients.
Kochava Mobile Measurement Features:
Pricing: Transactional, with discounts based on volume
Features: Technical account managers, integrated with over 550 mobile ad networks, buy-side SDK


AppsFlyer enables app marketers to measure their Twitter campaigns for return on investment, lifetime value of users and the payback period. They allow app developers to optimise their mobile customer acquisition process based on results that occur in real-time. AppsFlyer also supports mobile re-targeting and re-engagement options. Additionally, free trials are available for those that want to try them out beforehand.
AppsFlyer Mobile Measurement Features:
Pricing: Predictable, pay-as-you-go Freemium
Features: Mobile re-targeting, campaign monitoring, real-time results

Apsalar offers app developers and marketers a selection of analytical tools to help them understand their user engagement, monetisation and user retention. Their mobile measurement tools determine the lifetime value of app users, along with offering the ability to segment audiences and re-target them for monetisation purposes. Metrics such as clicks, ROI, installs and in-app events are all measured.
Apsalar Mobile Measurement Features:
Pricing: Flat fee SaaS
Features: Real-time dashboard, data export and API access, in-app reporting

Pyxis Ad Measure
Pyxis Ad Measure
Pyxis Ad Measure, by Septeni Original, Inc., provides app developers with a tracking tool that can measure the ROI and lifetime value of their users. If an app marketer chooses to do so they can use re-targeting and re-engagement campaigns using the data they have acquired from the Pyxis Ad Measure platform. Free campaigns are also available if they are managed by Septeni.
Pyxis Mobile Measurement Features:
Pricing: Free with Septeni-managed campaigns
Features: ROI and LTV tracking, re-targeting

MAT by Tune Logo 209
MobileAppTracking is a measurement tool for app marketers that provides accuracy with a dedicated customer service. They measure the performance of Twitter campaigns with multi-touch attribution and a data communication platform that uses post-back and API systems – real-time data that app developers can work with. MobileAppTracking also features over 450 integrated partners and platforms.
MobileAppTracking Features:
Pricing: SaaS, monthly subscription plus volume
Features: Single SDK, reporting dashboard, client owned data
Final Thoughts
There you have it, a list of mobile measurement partners for Twitter. There’s quite a lot of choice out there for app marketers and app developers who are interested in finding partners to measure their mobile marketing efforts on Twitter. We recommended trying out a combination of mobile measurement partners to see what works and what doesn’t.

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