Twitter makes it easier for brands and users to hide replies

Anne Freier | December 2, 2019

App Business

Twitter has just made it easier for brands to moderate their content replies more effectively.

The micro-blogging site has added a functionality that allows brands to hide replies to tweets. This may have a serious effect on their narrative.

The feature has already been tested in the US and Canada for the last few years. Now, it’s rolling out worldwide.

In a blog post, the company said it added the functionality to help conversations stay on track and not be subject to derailment by third parties.

Naturally, the functionality doesn’t just apply to brand accounts. Anyone can now hide replies. But that doesn’t mean others can’t still see them. Hidden replies are still viewable by tapping the grey icon that appears on a tweet.

According to Twitter’s own tests, people mostly hid replies when they were irrelevant to the topic or annoying.

The majority of Tweeters hiding replies (85%) also did not block users. They just wanted a way to moderate the conversation.

Interestingly, 27% of people in Canada thought they would now also reconsider how they themselves interact with others on the platform.

Twitter said that it plans to add more controls and clarity on conversation rules

“Soon, we’ll be launching a new hide replies endpoint so developers can build additional conversation management tools. We’re exploring more options around who can reply to or see specific conversations, and are testing engagement changes to see if these lead to healthier discussions. We’re committed to making sure people feel safe and comfortable talking on Twitter,” it wrote in a blog post.

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