Twitter launches Lite version to combat slow loading speeds and weak data

Twitter launched a lighter version of its service for mobile users in emerging markets where internet connections are slow and data remains less affordable. Called Twitter Lite it’s not really an app, but works on mobile browsers.
This, the company says, reduces data usage by 40% in its standard configuration. Data saving features can be activated to save up to 70%.
Mobile storage is another common problem and Twitter Lite combats this issue by taking up less than 1Mb in device space.
The company announced that it had already partnered with Indian mobile services provider Vodafone to roll out Twitter Lite to its 200 million subscribers. Internet speeds in the country are some of the slowest across all of the APAC markets.
In addition, the product was revealed during the Indian Premier League’s Twenty20 event, which probably wasn’t a coincidence given Twitter’s focus on becoming a real-time event news and video platform.
Twitter Lite is available in six languages across India. The company has been focused on expanding in the country and revealed that ad revenues in India had jumped 150% within a year. However, competitor Facebook has already made a similar reveal and rolled out a Facebook lite versions for Android in 2015.
It’s not yet clear if Twitter Lite can be a success in a country where less than one percent of its population are expected to use Twitter in 2017.

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