Twitter goes transparent: users can soon learn who’s advertising and who’s targeted on the app

Twitter is trying to become more transparent by implementing changes across the social network’s advertising platform. Given recent fake news scandals, Twitter has decided to roll out a transparency centre over the next few week. The company says that this should allow users to check out advertisers on the platform as well as details about their ads.
Indeed, the new platform features information on all ads currently running, as well as how long ads ran, ad creatives used and which ones targeted users.
Twitter hopes that this should make it easier for users to report any inappropriate ads and offer up feedback on campaigns which may be perceived negatively.
The company also plans to clearly label political ads and is creating a special section in its transparency centre for such ads. It plans to disclose campaign ad expenditure, the original funding body of a campaign and information on targeting demographics.
It will be rolling out strict requirements on advertisers enabled to serve political ads. In addition, the latter will be restricted to more limited targeting options. Twitter is also introducing penalties for violations of its policies.
For now, the new transparency centre will be only available in the US, but it is being rolled out worldwide later.

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