The Cactus Road Brings China App Developers to the Global Market

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Posted: July 13, 2017

With an increase of over 90% in advertising expenditure this year, China is leading the wave of new apps developers who are wishing to capitalize on the region’s more than 695 million mobile users, and growing, within a population of 1.33 Billion people, as well as extend their reach to the global market. In fact, China accounts for the largest amount of app developers in any single country, and they are looking to grow beyond their borders.

The Cactus Road, a digital marketing agency focused on bringing together premium publishers and advertisers in a global marketplace, is ready to bring China’s App Developers into the overseas market. With the release of the “Cactus SDK”, we provide access to global market monetization for App Developers.

The Cactus SDK provides 100% fill-rate globally and uses a predictive algorithm based in machine learning technology to match the most adequate ads to audiences. High earning ad formats ensure developers are making the most revenue for every impression, and self-service optimization tools to customize campaigns keeps them in control. Integration is fast and easy and our user-friendly dashboard with real-time stats allows publishers to start earning quickly.

How Cactus is positioned in the China market and why it’s a strategic advantage to work with us

The Cactus Road is powered by Kimia, a premium online advertising company with over 10 years experience and stability in the mobile marketing industry.  Experience includes long-term publishing and advertising partnerships with companies such Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and 360. Additionally, we have worked with SME app developer companies from Cheetah Mobile to top utility apps to open their business outside of China.

Find out how to monetize with an Advantage using the Cactus SDK.

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