Supersonic unveils Ad Placement Technology for rewarded mobile ad units

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 14, 2015

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Ad platform developer Supersonic today launches Ad Placement Technology which gives mobile developers the tools to manage rewarded ad units. The new technology simplifies the process of integration and customising rewarded ads. Developers no longer have to update their client code and can control ads from within a single dashboard, tracking real-time changes.
Ad Placement Technology helps to managed rewarded ads from a single dashboard
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The feature is currently available as part of Supersonic’s Video Mediation SDK.
During beta testing, Ad Placements saw a 25% adoption rate over the first day, fueled by a growing interest in rewarded video advertising. Marketers are well aware that rewarded ads can provide better value in user lifetime and retention. Gil Shoham, CEO and Cofounder, Supersonic, explains:

“We’re seeing heavy adoption around rewarded video in the ecosystem. This ad format has become a favorite among top-tier publishers like Electronic Arts, Kongregate, GREE, Pocketgems, and Zynga as well indie publishers as a significant revenue source. Advertiser adoption is also clearly in tune as we see conversion rates topping over 90% on average.”

Indeed, a recent study by FusePlay found that rewarded video ads in mobile games sparked higher user interaction. Players who saw a rewarded video ad made 24% more in-app purchases, spending 21% more money than those paying players who did not watch the video. Reward types vary from earning game coins, currency or player lives. By allowing developers to strategically place their ads, e.g. towards the end of a level, create dynamic scenarios and A/B test, Supersonic enables full control over rewarded video ads. Adam Ben-David, Head of Publisher Operations, Supersonic, comments:

“For example, a developer wants to reward users ‘Coins’ after watching a video in the ‘Store’, while rewarding ‘Gems’ at the ‘Home-screen’ of their app. They can simply create two different placements and set the unique reward type for each right in our dashboard module and have it live within minutes,’ said. The technology also allows for developers to create multiple reward payouts, lets say 100 ‘Coins’ instead of 50 on the weekends, and then A/B test each variation in real time, resulting in the most optimal parameters – all without any code changes or app updates. The user segmentation possibilities are endless with this data. You can now cater in-app rewards & digital goods explicit to each user type, maximizing engagement and retention on a whole new level.”

Scott Lahman, Founder and CEO of Nextplus, a Supersonic publisher of the messaging app with over 70m downloads adds that for some users in-app credit purchases simply aren’t option as they don’t have the means.

“Since integrating Supersonic’s video SDK and rewarding users for video views, we have seen great traction in getting users to explore premium features within Nextplus.  It’s enabled an alternative revenue stream and increased user engagement with no monetary commitment. It’s a great icebreaker for future power users.”

Developers who are able to redefine their marketing strategies to include a value exchange with their audiences are more likely to succeed. Consumers understand the value of an ad to developers and they expect to be rewarded. But Supersonic isn’t the only company that jumped onto the trend. Large players such as Opera MediaWorks and Yahoo’s Flurry offer similar tools.