Study shows commuters use smartphones for messages, but not for video

Andy Boxall | August 6, 2018

App Business

According to an Ofcom study in the U.K., seven out of 10 commuters use their phones during their journey to work, and 42% considers the internet to be essential to managing their personal life during this time.

The most popular activity is sending and receiving messages, whether by SMS or through an instant messenger app, with 43% over 18 saying this was their main commuting activity. Next is social networking apps with 32%, and then general web browsing with 27%.

The least popular activities are related to audio and video. Audiobooks come last on the list with 4% spending their commute listening to books being read, followed by both watching and streaming video, plus listening to podcasts. Only 5% did any of these things during that time.

Listening to streaming music was more popular, with 18% using data to listen, while 22% listened to downloaded music. Shopping and banking online are also popular activities, with 21% spending time using a banking app, and 24% are out shopping on the internet.

The smartphone was the preferred device for all these activities, with 71% using one, followed distantly by the laptop with 18%, and only 12% using a tablet.

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