Spotify improves targeting features for advertisers

Spotify recently launched new features to help advertisers connect with audiences based on interest and context.

Called Interest Targeting and Real-Time Context Targeting, the additions are now available via Spotify’s self-serve ad platform – the Spotify Ad Studio.

The extension makes a lot of sense, especially for brands and marketers who are trying to reach specific audiences. User podcast, playlist and platform preferences serve to feed the topical interest specifications advertisers are after.

Spotify includes categories such as comedy, cooking, gaming, technology, and travel.

According to the company’s own research, in 2019 users are consuming 250% more podcast hours than in previous years, choosing from over 250,000 podcasts across the audio streaming platform.

Not only can brands hone in on the users they wish to target, but with Real-Time Context Targeting they are also able to pin point windows throughout the day when users may be working out, cooking or studying.

Spotify Ad Studio availability remains restricted to Australia, Canada, the UK and the US.

Spotify continues to revamp its ad offering. Earlier this year, the company added campaign performance metrics including conversion rates, overall ad listens and rate of intent.

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