Snapchat rolls out new creative tools and lets users share links

Snap Inc. has rolled out a series of updates and added new creative tools for its Snapchat app to remain a step ahead of the competition. In a move that will please many of its users, it seems the company has finally gotten rid of its “no link” sharing policy.
Among the newly launched creative tools is Paperclip, which lets users attach a site link to a Snap. These links can then be swiped open and viewed within the app. That’s quite a change for the app as previously only advertisers were able to include links.
However, users will still be bound to Snapchat’s community and privacy policy when it comes to sharing. Phishing, malware and related content will be forbidden. And given the ongoing debate on hateful content and fighting hate crimes online, it’s important that Snap ensures the safety of its users as well as advertisers.
Additionally, the company rolled out something called Backdrop, which lets users cut an item from a Snap and add a creative pattern behind it. App users will be able to spot a little scissor icon that allows them to perform the action. Interestingly, Backdrops will be changed daily, Snapchat says.
Lastly, the company has announced the perhaps most fun new feature. Voice Filters let users remix their voices in a Snap. It turns any voice into a comic character or another style of voice they choose.
With these latest additions it seems that Snapchat is back to doing what it does best: creating exciting opportunities for its app users. Whether competitor Instagram will copy yet another of these features from Snapchat remains to be seen.

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