Snapchat adds new features, but says no to live broadcasts

Snapchat is finally bringing its redesigned app to UK users. The move follows a financial announcement by Snap Inc on Wednesday which saw stocks flying to almost 50%.
Overall, the redesign hasn’t been all that well received among users many of whom have expressed their anger in App Store reviews.
However, Snap emphasized that the changes were designed to make it easier for users to discover new content from publishers.
User feeds are now also moving along automatically which should make it simpler for users to scroll through.
The redesign also includes tools to add colour to text and creative captions. New text styles will also be added to the app as part of the redesign in the UK, Australia and Canada for now.
A wider roll-out is expected later this year. The text additions include neon and rainbow-coloured text.
In addition, a “Do not Disturb” function has been added to the app. It lets users silence other users without them knowing it.
This week, Snapchat also confirmed that it will be adding live video. However, the addition will not let users broadcast full programmes. Instead, the focus is on sharing relevant moments and experiences. That translates to: users will be able to stream important bits of a sporting or social event, but not the entire event.
Live broadcasts from users also haven’t been performing particularly well for rival Facebook, which has added a lot of resources to developing the feature. Snap Inc may be cautiously monitoring the social media giant to follow how live video will perform.
Right now, it seems users aren’t all that interested in appearing in their own videos. Many of them still tend to be low quality which puts another damper on the feature.

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