launches customisable geo-fences for location-based mobile advertising

For many retail marketers, tracking actual store traffic driven by mobile ad campaigns can be difficult. Now, programmatic ad expert,, has launched Conversion Zones which allow businesses to do just that. adds Conversion Zones
Conversion Zones act as customisable geo-fences around a location which quickly pinpoint the number of consumers that received a mobile ad from a client and then actually visited the retail location. The results help advertisers monitor and improve their campaigns to drive foot traffic. says that its Conversion Zones can target locations with better precision than grid-based systems. Combined with accurate conversion attribution, marketers get to measure their localised mobile campaigns more accurately.
Conversion Zones are based on’s Geo-Fencing capabilities. The solution tracks Cost per Visit as well as Total Visit Rate for all mobile geo-fenced campaigns. In addition, it utilises the company’s data network and inter-device matching to increase data signals and scale campaigns without expanding the geo-targeted location. Businesses can draw their own, custom geo-shapes for individuals that cross into boundaries.
Frost Prioleau, Chief Executive Officer,, says:
frost prioleau

“We predicted that 2016 was going to be year that saw localized advertisers focus on attribution and ROI of their advertising spend. Given the growth of the mobile advertising market, we continue to innovate around geo-location services. Last year we introduced our Geo-Fencing capabilities, which let advertisers precisely target consumers within defined, customizable geographic area. Today, with Conversion Zones, we take that functionality further to help those advertisers understand more about how their location-based mobile ad campaigns are performing. will continue to innovate around localized mobile ad performance.”

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