Signal encrypted messaging app sees spike in downloads amidst US protests

Messaging app Signal, which provides encrypted messaging options, has been downloaded in record numbers amid US protests and worries that US law enforcement could be breaching privacy of messages.

According to Apptopia, the app was downloaded 37,000 times at the end of May and 121,000 times since May 25th.

The messaging app provides end-to-end encryption so only the sender and recipient can read shared messages.

In other words, Signal does not keep any user data. This became blatantly obvious when in 2016 the company was subpoenaed by the Eastern District of Virginia to provide data on its users, but the company had no data on record to share.

The app also provides disappearing message features which means that in case of law enforcement requesting access to a user’s phone, only the most recent messages would be visible.

In addition to text-based communication, Signal provides encrypted video and voice calls.

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