Shopify adds AR product image creation for mobile merchants

Shopify has expanded its software tools to allow brands and retailers to incorporate augmented reality (AR) product shots into their mobile stores.

Shopify is a mobile commerce platform that provides technology for 500,000 retailers.

The addition of AR means that mobile shopping can benefit from 3D models of products. More importantly, the tools are available for smaller businesses, who may not have the necessary funds to develop 3D models themselves.

The tools work well with iOS 12 thanks to Apple’s introduction of the QuickLook technology that allow users to view AR within the Safari browser.

Among the first Shopify merchants to give the new AR feature a go are HORNE and Pure Cycles.

“Getting someone to download an app [with AR capabilities], and then use that as their main shopping app offers major friction for the user. But having it just baked into the browser—Safari, which is already taking an increasing share of our traffic—I think it’s just going explode,” explained Jordan Schau, co-founder of Pure Cycles in a blog post.

Although Schau admits that seeing a bike in store is still an unrivalled experience, AR product shots make it possible for customers to view bicycles from every angle, easing the purchasing decision.

Meanwhile, HORNE which sells furniture and home décor added that AR product shots is bringing the company closer to its customers.