Shake Up The Asian Market Together With TerraLeads

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Partner Post - TerraLeads the world's first CPA Hub

Posted: December 21, 2017

It’s over a week since our team at TerraLeads took part in Affiliate World Conferences in Bangkok as a Diamond Sponsor. We had an amazing big blue booth and held not less impressive Panel Discussion on the main stage. Everyone was intrigued what would come out after the Superaffiliates Versus Internal Media Buyers battle, however, everything ended with a peaceful handshake. And of course, here are the key takeaways:

  • TerraLeads offers high-quality products in the nutra vertical with the highest payouts provided to our partners.
  • TerraLeads provides 24/7 multilingual support from our Team of Affiliate Managers and our Internal media buyers run A/B split testing and then hand over the most convertible ones to our partners.
  • TerraLeads has GREAT plans for expansion and has already started to conquer Asian market.

Now, let’s dwell on the expansion issue for a bit. The very first geos TerraLeads opened to its partners in Asia are Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. As always, the high-quality offers with the highest payouts are waiting for TerraLeads partners. Local call-centers with native speakers on-board are all set and ready to provide the highest approval rates COD offers have ever experienced on the Asian market. However, not all TerraLeads partners have access to the new geos yet. So if you have traffic in countries mentioned above and want to start making real money ASAP, reach out to your personal Affiliate Manager and shake up the Asian market together with TerraLeads!