Search Ads on Google Play: Is Google playing fair?

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Partner Post - Affle - Mobile Audience As Service

Posted: September 30, 2015

Around the end of July 2015, Google announced its plan to roll out the Search Ads feature on Google Play to enhance the app search experience for users and help app developers in reaching out to their target audience. This feature is applicable to all developers who use Search app install campaigns on AdWords. Affle is a Mobile Audience as Service Platform (MAAS) which helps advertisers and publishers maximize their mobile ad revenue. They recently released a POV on this topic which you can find and download here.
Anuj Kumar is the Managing Director and Co-founder. Anuj had this to say on the Search Ads feature:

“The tremendous growth in the App economy has obviously resulted in greater clutter and low discoverability of apps on the App Stores. Google’s recent initiative of having Search Ads on App Stores definitely makes it easier to get your Apps discovered and should thus help in getting newer apps, attention from the users without necessarily needing to climb up the rating charts. We at Affle see this as a welcome move and believe that coupled with integrated user intelligence, a unified platform which can help developers target relevant users on Display, Social and App Store environments is definitely what is needed to give a greater boost to App based businesses and that is what we have built on our platforms.”

Is it a good move for developers? Find out all the answers in Affle’s POV here.

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