Samsung’s new Artik Cloud wants to connect IoT devices, modules, and apps together

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Samsung wants to make it easier to connect IoT devices to apps and the cloud with its new platform release, Artik Cloud. Designed for use with its own Artik and other IoT modules, Artik Cloud is a set of simple, easy to use open APIs that deal with data from cloud and connected devices securely.

Artik Cloud is Samsung’s new IoT cloud connection platform

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The aim is to, “reduce the obstacles, challenges, and time-to-market,” for Internet of Things projects according to Samsung, and it’s the company’s first cloud service project to launch.

BK Yoon, Samsung Electronics CEO, said:

“As more and more consumer IoT devices are created and brought to market, the need for interoperability becomes paramount as it is the key to creating more compelling and integrated experiences. The need for an open cloud solution that can work with any connected device, and with other cloud services is critical for broader consumer. The launch of ARTIK Cloud is extremely exciting because it promises to not only help Samsung connect our diverse portfolio of products, but also enable other companies to participate in a growing IoT ecosystem.”

Samsung says Artik Cloud provides:

  • Device and data interoperability to connect devices with other devices, or to cloud services.
  • Security and privacy for devices, apps, and users.
  • Developers can use open APIs, SDKs, and other tools to build easy to use IoT apps.

Artik Cloud works on a pay-as-you-go scale, with upgrade plans available according to growth, and is suitable for use by developers, device manufacturers, startups, and enterprise users. Learn more about Artik Cloud by visiting the website here.

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