S4M launches mobile ad format for proximity-based retargeting

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 12, 2019

S4M, the ad tech company, just launched a brand-new advertising format that combines in-store visits with proximity-based push notifications retargeting tools.

The way the new ad format called Pass-to-Store works is simple: shoppers download a promotion card or invitation from a brand that is stored in their mobile wallet. Cards can include event tickets, promotions, discounts or sales reminders.

The automatically trigger location-based notification reminders to consumers when they are near a designated store location so that offers can be redeemed then and there.

In addition, advertisers can use the ad format to push notifications at designated dates and times.

“We are very excited by the release of the new Pass-to-Store format,” said Christophe Collet, CEO & Founder, S4M. “It is the perfect technology to bridge online advertising at scale with what consumers are experiencing in real-time, at a very local and targeted level. Brands can stay top of mind with their consumers by being able to focus their efforts where their retail stores and locations actually are!”

The new format is available for both Android and iOS.