50% of UK millennials recall mobile ads for up to a month after seeing them

Research carried out into the impact mobile advertising has on UK millennials – defined here as a young adult between the age of 18 and 34 – reveals half of those remember mobile ads for up to a months after they have viewing them, and almost the same amount have also interacted with them. The data comes from Global Market Insite, and was carried out on behalf of the Mobile Marketing Association.
50% of UK millennials recall ads, and 49% interact with them
Continuing, the data begins to look at simultaneous screen use, and estimates two-thirds of Internet users also watch television at the same time. Not only does this offer a new avenue for advertisers, but the research shows 54% of polled users would like to see integration between ads on TV and their mobile phones, particularly if interacting would earn rewards or new information.
A further 49% think video and interactive ads are more engaging than traditional print forms of advertising, but only 25% are looking for ads which speed up the buying process. It’s interesting to note that 74% would still consider buying a product after seeing a mobile ad, indicating research and time to consider is still very important to consumers.
Data showing millennials will accept TV and mobile advertising crossovers
In the report, eMarketer estimates the UK will spend $4.67b on mobile advertising in 2015, the highest of any other Western European country. The figure is expected to rise over the coming years, reaching more than $10b in 2018, when it’ll represent 67% of the total digital ad spend, and 37% of the overall media spend in the country.

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